CC love interest

Hey,I would like to ask how to allow people to choose their love interest and their looks.

They used to have a custom template ready made but unfortunately they don’t now for reasons I don’t know this link will give you the template you need to customise a character

Have a look and see if it helps any :smiley:

Hi @kimmito2 and thanks for creating your topic. I have gone ahead and moved it to the Directing Help & Tips sub forum as that is what you are asking for. Please review our forum tutorial for more info on where to correctly create topics on the forums. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

Hey I have a question my sound isnt working and it says I have an error even though I’m still doing it right.

Feel free to submit a ticket to our support team who is more than happy to help you with this :nerd_face:

Okay thanks I guess :confused: