CC or customize your name? *poll*

Hey guys ! :chef:

Quick question, would you rather have CC, name customization, or both?

Which one?
  • CC
  • Name Customization
  • Both

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I like to make myself with CC, but I feel like being able to look like myself isn’t as important as being able to name myself Nancy. Like do I look like a jEnNa to you author?!

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thank you so much for this!

JKFDLHFDSKJFSDL lmaoooooo :sob: :sob:

I like when the author chooses the name! Especially when it is important to the storyline. Names have meanings and can potentially play an important role in your story, which gives it more depth and makes it feel well thought out


yesss !!

yea in one of my stories, there names have meanings to them and also nicknames!

Yeah, I do that. I was thinking about adding name customization then I said “wait this takes place in korea, do i really want people naming themselves emma and alexa because you don’t see that everyday in korea unless they’re korean american or a foreign student” (which MC is not.)


I like when the author chooses a name because it has a meaning to the story, but when they just choose it randomly bc they’re lazy to put in name cc (totally me tho) , I don’t enjoy it as much


As an author and a reader I personally think that I should keep the appearance and name as is.
It truly is a lot of work to choose a suitable name for the character that holds meaning to the character itself AND find an appearance that matches the name and a lot of the time the characters features are an important part to the story. Not that I’m saying that anyone’s opinion is wrong, because I’m not. It changes from author to author on what they want to do, but that’s my thinking on this.
side note: A lot of my characters have shorter versions of their name as a nickname (like my main characters name is Valencia and her nickname is “Val”) and There’s really no way to judge how to nickname them if you don’t know what the reader is going to name them, so theres that lol!


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