CC or no CC for a romance/drama?



I’m planning on writing a drama/romance story, and I’ve read a few stories in the past that used CC and have been good, and I’ve also read a few stories that have not used CC and have been good too. For a drama/romance story, would it be better if it had CC or no CC? Personally, I like reading drama/romance with CC just because I like being in it, but I’ll read a drama/romance without CC. Thoughts?


Use CC!:blush:


Tbh I like CC, but I think no CC would be better because it’s how the author envisions the character to be, how certain facial features could link to their personality/ backstory and whatnot.

It’s kind of weird if someone makes their character “innocent-looking” when the character is meant to have a badass persona or whatever.


I’m sorry, what?


Which would you rather read?


Honestly, CC.


Me, too!:heart:


I’m biased cause I rarely read stories that don’t offer CC. Sooo I say offer it :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


If I do CC, should I make it so the character can choose the gender they want their love interests to be? I know it’ll take a lot of extra coding, but if I were to do CC, and the love interests were males only, would my readers be angry/upset?


Diversity is very important so yes, you should.
But that’s only if you’re willing to do the extra work.

You don’t have to do it if you’re unbothered.


Haha, me too. Also, would it be all right if I have the main character’s personality planned out or should I let my readers decide? (By the way, I’ve read your story: Honey, I’m Home, and I loved it so much! Amazing directing and plots!)


Aw thank you so much my love!! That means so much to me. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

And girl, write your MC the way you think of her! Your players may look like her, input their names, but ultimately she’s still your character and they may not always agree with everything she does / says and that’s okay. That’s why sometimes choices help bc reactions / actions can vary based on who’s playing and what they choose :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You actually helped me make my decision, and I’m gonna use CC for my first story.


You’re welcome. :heart: And in regards to letting readers choose the gender, you can choose to include that if you want but there are tons of romance stories that don’t. It’s great if you can, but if your romance story has a specific LI in mind and it’s gender specific, then it’s ultimately your choice and decision. I’m sure it’ll be great either way.


I’m writing a story without CC
I think you should customize your own characters as you imagine them in a way that goes with their personalities that’s what gives the better experience and it’s same with names
ALSO if you’re planning to use arm overlays or any other body overlay it might look weird because the overlay you want to add and the character skin tone the reader customized may not share the same color


I think that you should do limited CC. I know a lot of people prefer to make characters look attractive to them or else the story can be hard to read. I personally prefer no CC but if you want to include it but still keep the characters somewhat how you envisioned them, I would definitely recommend to just limit it. Also as @Hala9 said, if you’re using arm overlays and such, it’s much easier to make sure the character has the same skin colour as the overlay.


SHAME ON YOU! :rofl:

Joking, obviously, yeah, I love CC too ^^

I’ll still read a story with or without CC, because I’m looking forward to the story line, but CC is a very cool bonus because it’s FUN TO CUSTOMIZE.

SUPER FUN :smirk:



LOL! :heart: I’ve tried, truly but it’s so hard for me to stay engaged because I’m a narcissist who wants to be IN the story. I know I’m missing out on a ton of gems because I can’t get past this smh at myself!


I always say this:

“If you’re giving me full CC, give me the ability to change my name as well. I want to see my name on display while I’m playing with my avatar.”

If you go with full CC, include name change as well! And just a tip, CC sells more! :smile:


Yes, CC sells more and is attractive to a lot of readers but I would say follow your heart.

Did you imagine your characters in a very specific way or can descriptions about them can be left to the choice of readers?

I do not have CC for my story and it is a romance/drama. I have been told before to add CC to my story to increase its appeal but my characters’ appearances were thought out and I want my readers to enjoy my vision.

Your story’s appeal (for me anyway) will be with the plot and overall reading quality. I am a a somewhat “selfish” author as I have a very specific idea of where my story will go and how the characters look, I would not even offer limited CC. I mean if I get less reads because of it, I will sleep at night because I planned the way the characters looked (their appearances were planned out from 2 years ago lol)