CC template for Unicorns (or any horse really.)

I created a CC template for unicorns and thought I would share it here incase anyone needs one.

Unicorn CC Template :unicorn:

How to use the template:

  • Paste the template into your script
  • Highlight where it says Daisy then press ctrl+f on your keyboard
  • A box will pop up in the top right corner, click on All
  • Once you’ve selected All type your horses name so it replaces mine in your script
  • Next scroll down to where it says Horn Color and replace the outfits with your own


  • You do have to make outfits for each horn color.
  • I set the template up so It won’t move your Unicorn if you already have it placed somewhere.
  • The template refers to the Unicorn/Horse as female, so you’ll have change it yourself if you don’t want it to be female.
  • Please do NOT remove the credit from the template.
  • If you do somehow remove the credit from the template by accident you can credit me @rhiannonsparkles.episode on instagram or @Sparkles04 on the forums.

Thank You! Enjoy the template! and if you use the template maybe tell me the name of your story so I can check it out. Okay, bye.


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