CECCA'S Backgrounds, Covers,Overlays and Splashes shop {CLOSED}


You forgot the brows for your Female character! and do you want the guy wearing a shirt or just the jacket :sweat_smile:


Here you go! I couldn’t get his arm to her waist but I think this looks nice!

I made two different versions and if you want anything changing - just ask :smile:


They’re perfect thank you so much and I have a quick question do you want me to give credit on instagram or in the story?


You can credit me in the story but my watermark is on the cover :wink:


Hey, I don’t mean to be a pest but would you be able to make me a slash saying this story uses sound? If that is alright could you just put that in black with a black marble pattern I understand if you cant. :slight_smile:


I can! I’ll do it now. You want any characters on it or just the marble :smile:


Can you do just the girl with headphones in?




Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey I need splashes can you make some for me ?!

To start of these are my 2 characters
I’m not picky everything is fine I just need an intsa, an sound and a mature language warning if you can make these (even if it’s just one of these ) I would be so happy !
insta: @episodexloverxrebecca
animations- doesn’t matter wich ones

char details:

skin : light
brow: classic natural
hair: beach wave hair (white)
eyes: upturned luxe (green)
face: round
nose: elven
mouth classic (terracotta)

Skin: light
brow: bushy wide
hair: short cropped hair (white)
eyes : stoic almond (green)
face : defined triangle
nose : button
Mouth : uneven (blush)



My laptop crashed so I had to remake it :sweat_smile:


Sure! Do you have a certain theme in mind or colour’s you want?


also, It should be done tomorrow for you :smile:


that´s alright! and no I don´t have a certain theme in mind. I do like special backgrounds ( I don’t know how to explain it but I just don’t like a completly pink background or something) for example the background you used to make the splash for cxrrie. if you understand what I mean I don’t really know how to explain it :sweat:


I get it! You don’t want a solid colour but not over the top patterns right?




Its perfect thank you so much!!! :smiley:


Here you go!
The background is an orange gradient and I felt it went well with your characters :slight_smile: If you need anything changed - Feel free to ask!

Credit me @cecca.episode please :smile:


May I request a big and small cover?


sure! Fill out the details :slight_smile: