CECCA'S Backgrounds, Covers,Overlays and Splashes shop {CLOSED}


Hello! May I request a cover if so here’s the info:
Style : Ink
Character details:
Gender : Female
Skin : Honey
Eyebrows : Seductive Arch
Hair : Straight (ligth pink)
Eyes : Upturned Feline (taupe)
Face : Oval
Nose : Elven
Lips : Full round (stable)
Background : you can chose, something badass with an explotion behind or something?
Outfit : Moon Necklace, Black Beach Day Skater Shoes, Thin Clear circular glasses, black boho bracelet, black boho feather earrings, scrub pants (desert orange), plain swimsuit top (black). is posible also add some tattos, neck, face, arms and hands.
Pose : idle_hold_baseballbat and holding a baseballbat
When I need it :* as soon as posible, please
if you want to the title is “Diabla”

Thank you so much


sure! What tattoos, where do you want them, and what did you mean by explotation?


oh wait, explosion?


yes, sorry, explosion*


Tattos: in the arms, neck and a little one on the face. you can choose, as long as it is something cool its perfect. if you cant do it, no problem.


sorry if my english is horrible lol


Your English is great! I can do the tattoos. Normally I produce orders the next day but as you need it ASAP it will be done in a few hours :slight_smile: Do you need a large cover as well or just the small?


A large cover as well would be amazing! But you dont have to hurry, thanks!


It’s all good. I have some cool ideas for this!


Okay, thnk you soo much!


Here you go! I gave her a few simple tattoos and added a little dimension to the Title. If you need anything changed - Feel free to ask :smile:


Omg! I literally love them! Thank you so much! Im working in other stories so if in the future you ever want to practice editing and stuff, im here lol. No, but really, youre suuper talented. Thanks!


Np! If you ever need anything else, Just ask :slight_smile:


One zone please and inside a school, but blurry, Thank you


Related image
it dose not have to look anything like this! But could it have this type of effect (it looks kind of drawn)


Oh you want it to look drawn…Um, I’ll see what I can do although Drawing is not my specialty.


If you can’t it really is okay it’s no big deal!


My examples are what I can produce. If you still want an art scene, I can make it but it will be of similar appearance to my examples.


I would still want you to make one. Thanks!


This is what I came up with! Not sure if it’s what you wanted exactly :sweat_smile: