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oops sorry for the late reply !! thanks they look amazing!! :heart_eyes:


np! Hope your story goes well :slight_smile:


It’s perfect! I can definitely use this! Credit?

I really need a story cover

Can it be @cecca.episode please :slight_smile:


Uh hi may I request a cover please?
Author name: Syladar
Title: Astarla - experience the mafia life
(Can the experience the mafia life be kinda small its like the subtitle. Astarla being te main title)
Style - ink
Characters - Astarla and Andre
Astarla’s details:
Body - beige
Brow - seductive arch
Hair - rebel half shaved and strawberry blonde for the color
Eyes - upturned bold and white for the color
Face - diamond
Nose - celestial
Lips - classic slender and lip color as bubblegum pink

Andre’s details -
Body - tan
Brow -medium sharp
Hair - generic short hair and chestnut for color
Eyes - round gentle and purple for color
Face - defined triangle
Nose - broad
Lips - small round and blush for color

So for how I want the cover i don’t really know how to put it like bada-ish? Or maybe I just give a descritption of my story?
So Astarla is a girl who is held captive for 5 years … one day when out in public with her captor Andre sees the mistreatment and stops him and amytime in future he sees he does the same
Until one day Andre offers her to show up at his place where he then show up almost too late. But yeh rescues her. (All of that happens in episode 1 as that is the pilot episode lol but that is the best description) Anyhow later in the story it will come to find out he is this bad a-- mafia leader :smiley:
But yeh so maybe surprise me and be creative just as long as it gives off a dangerous look (like with tatoos and gun kind of thing)
Colors - well idk? Red black orange blue ( can anything be worked with that?

I apologize i am not good at explanations T.T

And you don’t have to rush with it. But no more than 2 weeks lol. A week if possible ? I have 14 episodes just about ready, I am just working on more in the mean time. :slight_smile:

I do not know why all of that is bold but I can not get rid of it…


Cool! I get what you mean :slight_smile:

I’ll try my best for you, did you have any background you specifically wanted?

It should be done in 1-2 days depending on how fast you reply :slight_smile:


Hmmm uh I guess a background that just fits lol?
I am stil learning about all of the background theres so many lol like maybe a warehouse of some kind or adark type looking one or something?


ok! I’ll find something that fits. That will be ready for you tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hi! I was just about to start your cover but you haven’t added what clothes you want your characters to wear…


Oh clothes!! Hm
For the girl
Something goth like.

Like that

And for andre. Black attire. Like ripped pants look and a shirt with no sleevee ?

I apologize for that like I said I have never done this before cant believe I forgot clothes xD


No Problem! I’ll get it sorted now :wink:




Sorry for the delay! Here is your cover @Syladar :slight_smile:

If it’s not what you had in mind - Feel free to ask for changes :smile:


Oh gosh ! I love it. OMMGGG
So um how I use it? O.O


I am back xD
So I need
This story has mature language and themes cover
And this story has sound cover o.o

So for the mature language and themes one
Can it have these 2 characters
Andre - same features as the covers but can he be shirtless XD

And then pezar
Body-rosewood or a color like that
Face - square jaw
Hair - pompadour
Eyes - classic round with blue as the color
Brow-thin arch
Mouth - classic and a bit darker than the body color
Can his clothes be something that is black?
Can they both have guns ?
If you need background just something that fits

So for the sound the character wil be Asher
Can he have a microphone like he is singing if that is possible?
His features -
Body -light
Face - defined triangle
Hair - unstyled faux haux and punky purple as color
Brow - medium sharp
Nose - refined
Mouth - classic and a bit darker than the body color?
So for his clothes - something like this picture

Can you do those o.o


Sure! They’ll be ready for you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Oh and go onto the Episode website, log in and find your story. Then click the cover and it will let you upload it to the small cover section :smile:


Ok :smiley: ty!!!

Hi uh do you make instagram covers?

Like something that says follow @syladar.yuuki on instagram ?

Also do you make big covers? I saw where you can upload there too… id love one lol


Sure! I’ll add that to your list lmao.

That will all be done for you tomorrow :smile:


cover, please? (if this is open)

STORY: Times Two


Female: laugh_giggle_pose

Male: flirt_wink_atcamera_pose


Body: Neutral 3

Brows: Arched Natural (Black Dark)

Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid (Black Dark)

Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Dark)

Face: Heart Soft

Nose: Pointed Downturned

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Matte)


Scoop Neck Sweater Cotton White

Lifeguard Outfit Windbreaker Nylon Red

Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black

High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White

Freckles Heavy (00-03)

Floral Tattoo Ink Multicolor



Body: Rose 3

Brows: Straight Medium Scar (Deep Brown)

Hair: Medium Taper Wavy (Deep Brown)

Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid (Blue Green)

Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved

Nose: Grecian Narrow

Lips: Medium Straight Natural (Rose Light Nude Matte)


High Top Classic Leather Black

Swoopneck Tee Cotton Grey Black

Black Ribbed Leather Jacket Open

Skull And Roses Arm Tattoo

Chain Accesories Ripped Jeans Denimgrey Black



sure! Is that a large or small cover :slight_smile: