Cece's Clothing Boutique (Open for Requests)

Greetings friends!
I’ve discovered that i’m really into making my characters outfits and I’d love to make some for others too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Just tell me what kind of outfit you need/any other info/specifics and i’ll drop it in this thread for you to use in our story!

Request Form

Number of outfits: (EG: 3 total, 2 casual, 1 party)
LL or INK:
Theme/Occasion: (EG: All Black clothes, Workwear corperate, Pool party, Casual loungewear)
Personality/traits: (EG: Badass, rebel, quite, bubbly, hates green)
Extra details: (EG: Character wears glasses, is a vampire, Need the outifts within 2 days)

My instagram is @cecemason.episode
Please credit my via that IG if you use the outfit

Add your IG to your request and i’ll flick ya a follow too :wink:

P.S. i am located in New Zealand so please account for the time difference + my full time job when awaiting your outfit :heart_decoration:

heres a couple of quick examples of outfits ive made :blush:


Sassy Corperate

Casual Candy

Jenny from the block

Preppy Pantsuit

“Bit of Bad” Boy

“Orangeina is not Orange Soda”

LL Males

The IT Guy

“Kinda Edgy”

LL Females

“Dont spill your Coffee” Corperate

“Sunglasses indoors” Casual Cool

“Mother leopard”


Accepting any requests :heart:

Number of outfits: 2
LL or ink: LL
Male or female: female
First outfit: cute and casual
Second outfit: cute and casual for a pregnant woman
Extra details: she has a scar on her left eye

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sounds like shes a bit more edgy than girly? correct me if i’m wrong :blush: just helps with styling :kissing_heart:

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Not really, the scar is from a fight scene…!!

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Alrighty, i’m making them now :blush:

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Thank you!!!

I did two maternity ones, extra practice since i’m less familiar with the maternity tops :smile:

Perfect!!!Thank you!!!

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Anytime :avocado_love:

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lil Bump, i’ve got a day off tomorrow so freeeeee time for outfits :heart:

Number of outfits: 2
LL or ink: LL
Male or female: female
First outfit: Casual pregnant
Second outfit: Party pregnant
Third outfit: Formal pregnant
Extra details: She has the compass tattoo


Here you go hun, @episode.lupita
Let me know if you want them changed at all


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Can you change the first one?

Anything in particular you don’t like about it?

Or do you want a whole different look?

A whole different look

On it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Number of outfits: 1 outfit
Theme/Occasion: None
Male/Female: Female
Personality/traits: None
Extra details: This is for an art series I am working on. I know this is very vague but I do that with a reason. You can make this outfit however you please!

What the character looks like

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Here you go, @episode.lupita
If this one isnt right either, let me know.

And maybe include some infor on her style/personality

Revised outfit

I’m intrigued :thinking:
On it now :heart:

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