Ceiling needed on bg

Hi again. Anyone who knows how to put a ceiling on a background, please lmk :smiling_face:

Hey! Could you please specify what do you mean by that? Do you need a ceiling bg?

No I already have the background, but where a ceiling is supposed to be, the creator left it black.

Can you show me the bg, please?

I have sent it to you

I know I made a post about this already, but I’m REALLY AND TRULY in need of a ceiling for a background, both day and night versions. I didn’t realize it until it got approved and I began using it for my third scene. Unfortunately, I can’t share the bgs according to the rules on the creator’s link tree. Please PLEASE if you know how to attach a ceiling to a background, let me know :grin: :grin:

Does the creator allow their work to be edited?

Yes but only episode related as long as credit is given.

I can probably add a ceiling if you DM me the backgrounds

sure. thankyou.