CelestialMoon‘s Self-Drawn Art Giveaway (Ends on Sunday, 9th of June)

So maybe some of you have noticed but I finally reached 200 followers on Instagram :blush: Because I am co-hosting in Leslie’s planning art contest, I don‘t want to do my outline contest yet. So I decided to do a giveaway instead.

Example of my art:

You can win:

  • a full colored art cover for your story
  • a pfp for IG (or here)
  • a shoutout for your story and IG

For anyone who keeps wondering why Instagram

Because I have a larger audience on Instagram than here. If you don‘t have an Instagram Account, you can just create one as a draft and delete it afterwards.

  1. You need to follow me (Because this is just for my kindhearted supporters)
  2. You need to like the original post (That I see that you have read everything)
  3. Post it on your IG and tag 3 people or friends (that you participate in it and that more people are aware of it)

You can delete the post after the giveaway has ended

Original Post

Winners are going to be announced on Sunday/Monday.

Feel free to tag anyone who might be interested :blush: