CelestialMoon's Outline Contest (IG and Episode Forum)

Hi guys! :yay:

So I finally managed to reach 500 followers on Instagram and I wanted to celebrate it with an Outline Contest!

The Outlines


There is a second and third version of the last outline on my drive, which is not PG13 so I can’t upload it here.

Linktree for the link to my drive:

Deadline: 1st August 2019

What you can win:
1st Prize:

  • Custom art piece from me (up to 2 persons)
  • A follow and spam of likes on IG
  • One LL or INK edit
  • A post with your edit on my IG page

2nd Prize:

  • A LL or INK edit
  • A post with your edit on my IG page


  • You can enter multiple times
  • You are allowed to change the outline as long as it stays recognizable
    *If you have Instagram, you can use the hashtag #celestial500 and tag me

If enough people participate I am going to choose 3 winners and change up the prizes a little bit

Feel free to enter and to tag people, the more the better! :yay:

Instagram Post:

Some tags of my Artshop

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OMG!! Im’ma join!:heart:

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Ouuuu kweeeen I’ll Probably enter if I can bring myself to sksksk

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Well you have time until 1st August @Problematic_Patrick that’s almost 6 weeks, I believe into you :smile:

And glad to hear that! :heart:


Lol thx!:heart:

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I’m entering :yay:




The outlines are amazing :woozy_face::heart:
I will join!

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What is an outline

Outlines are the pictured I provided above

thank you :heart: and happy to hear that you join :yay:

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What do we have to do when we enter your contest

You basically need to color one of them and then post it here. If you have instagram, you can use the hashtag #celestial500 and follow me on there. On August 1st I am going to choose 2 winners (or 3) based on originality, effort, creativity and so on.

kay thanks

No problem :blush:

when do we send the colored outline

Its written in the thread. Everyone has time until August the 1st

Joining! :revolving_hearts:

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Those outlines are gorgeous. :kissing_heart: And congrats on 500!!

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Thank you :blush:

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