~ * Cellary's Background Shop *~

dO dO dO dO, yErP yErP

oop. you caught me of gaurd :tongue:


It’s Cellary back here with a little shop, but nothing-episode related, sorry, it’s more like a shop that you can request for a pfp background, and etc, as well as a device background!


Here is the form to fill out:

Name Used For Middle
Additional Feautres
Aesthetic? Fancy? Sad? Happy?
Optional: Special Instructions

This shop will end on May 21st !! You Can Only submit (2) Requests.

FYI, I decide to go on here less than I used to. I will most likely be doing your edit, besides that, I have a life too. Understand ladies, and gents, thanks. :triumph::revolving_hearts::parking:

Have Fun Submitting !!

(I’ll @ You In a Reply once Your Request is Accepted/Almost Done/Finished !)


Name Used For Middle Leo
Background Dark Blue
Additional Features Galaxy themed
Aesthetic? Fancy? Sad? Happy? Calm

Name Used For Middle morosis
Background Grey/Black
Aesthetic? Fancy? Sad? Happy? Grunge

Hi Mya! Your request has been accepted!! I just need to specify some quick things.

Can You Specify Grunge, Thanks!!


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Black and grainy.

ok!! I’m in school right now, so when I get free time, I’ll make sure to get started !

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Thank you!