<~ Cella's Shop [OPEN] ~>

Hello!! I’m bringing back a shop! This is my first time doing a shop. Here are some items I’ll be able to do -->

  • Splashes (Minimum of 3 per person)
  • Covers (2 per person)
  • Character Edits (2 per person)
  • Overlays (1 per person)

I’ll have my shop open till March 27th - March 31st

)) My Hours 4PM (PST) - 8:45PM (PST) Weekdays - 11:30AM (PST) - 11:00PM (PST) Weekends ((


Reminder: I have my own life as well. I may not get it right done, it may take a couple days, but eventually I’ll get it down. I don’t use EXTREME apps, I use basic, free apps, example ProCreate, I’d only use that if I was getting paid. So, go ahead and request a item below :smiley: | I will close the shop just to get everything ready again once in a while…

Can I see examples?

I have one currently of an edit I recently finished -


I have a biggish order. I need an overlay and 2 warning splashes, is that ok?

PM me the deets plz :smiley:

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Really cute!

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Tank uu

hi, what styles do you do? ink, classic, or limelight? btw ur rly talented! <3

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honestly, idc, anything that satisfies y customers, im gucci then

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and tank u <33

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Ummm can u do a scene for me plz I have someone else doing a cover I think for me but she is busy and don’t want to bother her with more request

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PM your deets plz

Sorry I’m slow hehe but what u mean by PM

Private Message me :smiley:
Click on my profile , then click “Message”

Ok it’s going to take a couple minutes thx!

Did you create the whole thing yourself? Like the pose and hair and everything?

No, I’ll answer to you, that it’s an outline made by a famous editor on Instagram. She just deleted her watermark

About 4 hundred people used it, it’s @themysterya outline

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