Censored words version or original version choice?

While I censor all cuss words with *, would you prefer to have a choice between having a completely censored version of the story (meaning no cuss words at all) or having the original version (including the cuss words with *)?

  • I prefer to have the choice
  • I don’t care

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Thanks for your vote!


I’m good with cussing, as long as it’s not overused. Although, some people like clean versions of stories.

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Thanks for your input!

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So it’s against the rules so no matter what it have to be censor even if you make it a choice episode will review your story and tell you to censor it

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I think she meant to have it censored or to have no curses in it.

I read in the guidelines that Episode allows cuss words as long as they’re censored. The choice is for the reader to see absolutely no cuss words even if they’re censored with a *.

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I don’t really care about the use of curse words, but like Raitlyn said, others might.

Oh really?
I don’t remember which story(ies) it was, but they didn’t have the cursing censored :sweat_smile:

Of course as long as there’s no cuss word every 2 seconds, but other than that I really don’t care. :sneezing_face:

Yeah, that happens. A lot of stories don’t fall all the guidelines.

So does Episode not do anything about it because those stories are really popular?

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