CEO OFFICE and LOBBY AREA background needed

I think this is Marysol’s background and she expressly says in her rules not to share her work, but instead share the link.

OP, you can check out: 🦋 Marysol.Episode's - Free & Paid exclusive backgrounds 🦋

^^Marysol’s old thread- still has a ton of backgrounds and may have what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

^^look around in the comments for credit info since people sometimes forget it with their image and comment it later when asked. There are also a lot of drive links to some great creators’ drives.

You can also request a custom background from any of the open art shops (in Art Resources- most are free to request from. Just don’t thread hop - requesting the same thing on multiple threads and know that it could take them a bit to do them because they probably have multiple requests to do. :slight_smile: