CEO office and overlays

Hi guys. I’ve been looking for a CEO, modern type of office background everywhere for the longest time and I can’t seem to find anything that would work for my story. I also don’t have a clue about making my own overlays and stuff. If someone could help me with finding a suitable BG and making overlays for it, I’ll gladly credit you in my story. I hope someone can help…


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More like this or that:


But I don’t have the overlays for them :frowning:

Where did you find those?

One of the free-use sites, I’m not sure which one 'cuz I’ve been searching everywhere, lol.

I can edit the first one to say whatever you want on the wall and I can probably get the overlays, too. PM me if you’re interested.

Can you make it say KINGSLEY EMPIRE please? If you do, do you want to be credited?