Cereal and milk overlay needed

Does anyone have cereal and milk overlay? I really want my character to be a basic and realistic instead of taking luxurious food.

If I could get the package of cereal - whatever it may be- and a bottle of milk, that’d be helpful too.

You could try checking at a website called PNGEgg. That’s certainly a great place to look for overlays.

Hope this helps:



I don’t think you need to owe credit on this, especially since I got it from PNGEgg, which generally has free images. Also, you should convert these images to PNG, BTW. Now if you’re having trouble converting them, then I can do it for you.

alr tyvm for your help.

I can’t find cornflakes and milk in a bowl though.

Is this okay?

it would have been but unfortunately it’s view is upwards.

Ty for your help tho

Would you like something else?

I’ve got one that I used in my story, because the LI hates milk in his cereal and the MC didn’t know and actually poured him a bowl of cereal with milk :joy:

Hold on, let me find it

Thanks! Exactly what I needed. Do you want credit?

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I got it from pngwing, I think! :two_hearts: