Certain scenes aren't showing up through preview



I’ve been trying to write all morning but I can’t finish because certain scenes won’t pop up on my phone. Is anyone else going through the same thing? And does anyone know what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it?


maybe use the previewer on your computer?


The preview has been a black screen for a long time.


refresh the page?


Yup, still a black screen :frowning:


hmm submit a ticket?

@stronglcve has the link I think.


Alright, thank you for the help.


yep. :slight_smile:

submit a ticket here!


Well I had this problem a few days ago, I even submitted a ticket, but half an hour after submitting it I found out I forgot to reset zoom :woman_facepalming: poor people who work at the support :sweat_smile:


:joy:. I tried that and it’s still not showing up the scene :frowning:


Then try submit the ticket then :blush: I don’t know what the problem can be :woman_shrugging:


Already did. Hopefully they can help