Certain sounds aren't playing when they are supposed to?

Hi! Currently writing a story (limelight). My story uses sounds / music, but there’s one problem.

The script accepts my code, and it is correct.

But, when I preview the episode in the web previewer (AND I ALSO TRIED THIS ON THE APP, BUT SAME RESULTS). Some of the music / sounds play when they are supposed to, but 80% of the time, when the story switches scenes, a music track is supposed to start off the new scene, but it won’t play (just remains silent.)

Here’s an example of one of the problems, (The music (keep in mind the script accepts this code, and there is no error with it, apparently)


music music_carefreegroove

ANGIE (eyeroll_sarcastic_atcamera)
And that’s my mom. She used to be a supermodel, and wants me to follow in her footsteps. Little did she know…
ANGIE (sigh_disappointed)
I better go and get ready now, before Mother chews me out again.

@ANGIE exits left
volume music 0 1680
@transition fade out black

music music_humdrum

The music humdrum won’t play… :sob: Can anyone help?

The default transition (if you don’t put a time) is one second. So try putting
volume music 0 1000

That way it will fade out in time with the fading transition and the next song will play when the next scene opens :slight_smile:
Also put volume music 100 0 after music music_humdrum (or whatever volume you prefer)

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