Chain Reaction Series Appreciation Thread


My fave story on Episide is created by the very talented & amazing Miss MJ! I thought she deserves an appreciation thread of all the things us fans love of that series. One of my fave things is how connected that we become with the main characters. I rooted and connected with Callie because of how well Miss MJ described her struggles. All the guys in those stories like Trey, Theo etc are babes. I loved the plot and the romances that they all brought. I know lots agrees with me.
What do you all love about that series?

Discussion : Chain Reaction
Is Chain Reaction worth reading?

She is a phenomenal author and I am thrilled to say I have enjoyed the whole series also. The graphics and time it takes to put into editing and directing are just tiring and with her series, you see the hard work she has made.


I absolutely agree! Her graphics are amazing in the story and her writing is impeccable. Those are two of many reasons that she has gained so much success.
Which of the stories in the series is your fave?


Miss MJ there aren’t words that can express how much of a great and fabulous author she is…
Her directing, graphics and her editing just leaves me spellbound…
As we all know that directing is a pain when performing it (every writer struggles with it) …
She gives her stories her absolute best when writing them (we all can tell after reading her stories)…


Absolutely and her characters too.
Callie, Trey, Theo, Sofia, Alexandra, Luca. All are characters I deeply care about and love because she does a great job with her script.


Her scripting is so well that we actually feel connected to them…


I want to be Callie, Sofia and Alexandra.
I’m in love & want to marry Trey, Theo & Luca.
She works so hard to provide some amazing moments too.


The works of a writer is very tough all the time choosing good dialogue, providing great moments and most of all making the script run smoothly not rushing it


Which chain reaction story is your fave?


I haven’t read all of them…
But I have read two and I have to say I loved the first one the most…


Agreed! I love the first one too.


I love them all. I can’t just pick one because When I read them I find myself reading them back to back! She made it where the readers connect with the story. I feel as if I know the characters in real life. I do agree with you both, and @S.Dsana the first one was unique and of course being that its the first one to lock us in there is bound to be a connection!


I’d say I love that the first one allowed more Mafia & Gang Romances like deep attraction and more to become very popular which is why I hold it dear to my heart


Not to mention it’s more than a simple gang romance genre! There are all genres there in one action, romance, drama!


Callie & Trey, Sofia & Theo, Alexandra & Luca.
All three different but dynamic love stories that are so multi faceted and I’m obsessed.


I do agree Miss MJ is very talented and amazing, one of my favorite stories of hers is It’s Just an Illusion.


Has she decided to continue writing?


Yes she has.
She made an announcement that she changed her mind.


It’s Just An Illusion is so good although Captive makes me sad because of many events that have transpired :frowning:


Another reason to love Chain Reaction is the amazing cover art!
I know @Eleanor_W-15 loves it :heart_eyes::heart: