Chair and Table Overlay Help

Can anyone turn the chairs and table into overlays?
Or if it’s not do able does anyone have something similar ?
Will of course give credit :smiley:

do you need them all separately?

Yes . If its not too much trouble.

chair (1)

are these okay?

Perfect! How do I credit you?

Is there also a better way to erase the table and chairs from the photo? I attempted but it looks a bit warped

credit my instagram, @episode.mistletoe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

maybe you can just place the overlays over the existing tables and chairs? (i usually adjust their opacity to 0.5 then position and scale them over wherever i want them to go)

Alright :smiley: Thank you again for your help.

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On the reader message do I just put overlay credit - @episode.mistletoe on Instagram or is there another way to say it? This is will be my first story so I’m unsure on how to word it.

sure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are you sure? I would hate to credit you wrong :grin:

aww no problem :pleading_face: to me, credit is credit and i’m sososo touched you took the time to make sure you got it right! i’d be happy to give your story a read when it’s published :sparkling_heart:

I’ll definitely let you know when the first couple chapters are up. I’ve been working alot lately so it might be a few weeks.
Keep in mind though my story will contain lgbt characters. ( I always like to warn people just in case it would offend them)

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Do you have any stories out?

not yet, but my story for the squad contest will be out soon.

That’s awesome! let me know when it’s up, I’ll for sure give it a read.:grin:

thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: do you have instagram?

Unfortunately I do not. I might make one if my story gets enough readers.

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