CHALLENGE : 100 Words Fanmails

I am going to start, and partake in this challenge that I hope takes off. I wanted to start it on the old forum, but never really had the courage.

If you are a writer, you know that fanmails can turn a bad day into a good one. But there’s differences in ‘quality’ fan mail as well. I am challenging readers and myself to write fanmails that go above and beyond. They don’t necessarily have to be 100 words, but think of that as a goal. Send them a fanmail, and let them know at the end (or the name of the fanmail) that you partook in this challenge.

I guess I can make rewards, like a gif spam :3

But this is also a way to find great stories, and share them. So after you send your fanmail, post on here maybe a much more casual version of what you wrote. hopefully they will see it

I need to stop being a hypocrit, and I am going to try to do one every three days or so. As much as I’d like to do one for everystory, it’s easier to write one for a story that stands out to you.

I suggest you write about how you connect to the characters, a favorite scene, things you are looking forward to, and perhaps their inspiration. I would avoid suggestions & dislikes.


I think this is brilliant. I’ll try to do one, and you’re absolutely right, good fan mail can make an author’s day.


I have posted three fanmails today. You are right, when I love a story I should take the time to tell the author how much I liked it. Two things that I will NEVER do in a fanmail: (1) Ask for an update / or if the story will continue. I find this incredibly rude. I didn’t think I would ever agree with the Choice of Games Forum but I understand why they do not allow readers to ask when the author will update. It seems (to me) that it stresses out the author. (2) I will NEVER leave hate mail. When I love a story and go to the Fanmail and see that people write hate mail it makes me want to kick all their asses. Do these people not have any manners? Is that how they were raised? I hate it and am disgusted by their rude hateful comments. Take for example, @meila : I love her stories but holy hell, I can understand why she shut off her fanmail (I want to post a hundred “love” fanmails to counteract the hate). To the haters: just be honest with yourselves, you obviously love the story, why else would you take the time to post a Fanmail.
I’m sorry for the rant and going a little off topic (or maybe a lot off topic) but I just wanted you to know that I think we all need give a little gratitude when we read a good story.


I just read, and submitted Fanmail for the story NINJA : The Curse of the Gemstone. It’s a really cute chosen - one story. I find it cheesy, but so cute. I didn’t quite make it to 100 words (god that is hard) I got like 60 xD

I’m even going to shout out the story on my insta :3
It’s just so cute

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Uh rip every three days,

Nevertheless, I read (and still reading) H & V : MELLONTIKOS by Ana Stacy . . . I am trying to think of a way to write the fanmail without mentioning my favorite part is that the choices don’t matter.

I read for the plot, and I don’t like stories inwhich choices matter… and when I read this story I truly love that because they don’t matter. It’s exactly my type of story, I know the ending, but it’s the adventure along the way that I love. . .

oh well, I’ll think of something huhu

I haven’t given up on this

Going to be sending my third fanmail today:3

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I know this is super late, but I actually stopped doing this. I do want to share a story though.

I actually made a little ‘author squad’ by sending fan mails, and it’s super awesome because I always felt hella excluded because you have these like squads of authors in all these edits. But I made an author friend ^-^ super awesome outcome of sending fan mails. I encourage everyone to send them, because you never know what will happen

#Squad Goals

@Jeremy you may close this.

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