Challenging mini games?

I love making mini games but some of them are pretty easy… would anyone play a mini game that is a little challenging? Or do you prefer them simple and fun?


i like some challenging ones !! makes the story very immersive and fun to read.


simple ones, I don’t like when games waste reading time. Once I couldn’t pass a game and gave up on the story, so I suggest to make them simple.

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Challenging ones are more fun!

Simple ones are fine with me than challenging ones. Challenging ones takes a lot of time and easily bores me.

If it’s a game that you have to complete correctly in order to continue on, make it simple. If it’s a game that gives you a score that doesn’t really influence the story, make it more challenging. If it’s meaningless AND super-simple, it feels like a waste of time. But if it has a big effect on story outcomes or ability to continue reading, make sure it’s simple enough for all your readers to get through otherwise they’ll get frustrated and quit reading.

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Definitely challenging.

Personally I love minigames, they’re my favourite thing to code! I would def play a challenging minigame, but I always give a Skip option for my games because I know not everyone likes them, especially if they are harder.

Me too I love coding mini games ha ha in fact I’ve got a story (unpublished) that legit just has mini games on :rofl:

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