Change a songs meaning

So have you ever listened to a song and your veiw if it is different to someone else’s? Lets try that here, it can be a happy song, sad song what ever but try to show your interpretation of it. So here are some of mine.

Song 1: Mulan reflection

I have got 2 ways of looking at this one

  1. A person struggling with their identity and feeling that their outside doesn’t match there instead and their struggle of wanting to show the world who they really are.

  2. Someone struggling with mental health and trying to hide it from the world and not recognising the person the used to be due to how they feel.

Song 2: when she loved me toy story

Did anyone else cry at Jessy loosing Emily as she grew older. I suppose my interpretation isn’t far off…

So another way of looking at it could be a mother looking after her baby daughter and feeling all the love she’s getting, but as the daughter get’s older she starts drifting away by being with her friends, going to college, finding a partner basically just growing up. But slowly not seeing her mother for a long time. Then one day the mother becomes ill and is in hospital so the daughter comes to see her to say goodbye.

(Yes ok thats kind of depressing lol)

At the moment I can’t really think of happy ones… well I can but they aren’t appropriate for this fourm :joy::joy:

snowman ~ sia

in the comments of this video, i saw someone interpret this as a sad love story. they said that they think the “snowman” was sia’s lover who would try and do everything in their power to make her happy, even if it meant forcing them to live in an environment that would soon enough kill them. to add to that, i would say that i think sia at some point realized what was happening and how she was indirectly hurting them so she tries to convince “snowman” to get away with her. in fear that they would take sia from her home and what makes her happy, they would refuse hence the parts saying, “who will catch your tears if you can’t catch me, darling?” and, “a puddle of water can’t hold me close, baby.”
then sia admits that no matter what, she’d still be in love with her snowman. even if it meant changing everything.

when i heard the song, i immediately thought that it was a sad song about a one-sided love. in my mind, the “snowman” was sia’s lover who only used her when they needed her. and once they didn’t, they changed like the seasons and disappeared for someone else to have fun with and fall in love with.
the lyrics, “who will catch your tears if you can’t catch me, darling?” is when i believed that sia figured out that they were just using her, and she still believed they could have a committed relationship. i legit thought the “snowman” crying was supposed to be them falling in love, but not admitting it and not wanting to be exclusive to just sia. i thought this because she seemed desperate for their love throughout the whole song, wanting to get away with them, promising to never leave, and then talked about how they were crying while trying to disappear (most likely them trying to break up).
it’s an endless cycle of sia being all in, but not loving them completely because of their unwillingness to love her.