Change back outfit, hairstyle and make up

Hi! I have a problem with outfit, hairstyle and make up.

  • In Episode 1 readers can choose MC party outfit, hair and make up.
  • I used “gains”, so in Episode 2 the party outfit/hair/make up are the ones readers chose before.
  • During Episode 2 there are some flashbacks where my MC is younger, so her clothes, hair and make up are different.
  • At the end of the flashbacks, we go back to the present scene. Here, I have a PROBLEM: MC doesn’t wear no more outfit/hair/make up that the reader chose in Episode 1, but she wears flashbacks outfit&co. I want MC to wear the same clothes than before flashbacks, what should I do?

Just use the code you used at the beginning of the episode again.
Every time you change the MCs outfit/hair/etc, you have to use the code again

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At the beginning of Episode 2 I didn’t use a clothes code because I used “gains” in Episode 1

Yea, no I’m saying to use the if/elif/else code again
That’s what you used in the beginning of Ep 2 right?

No, I didn’t use nothing. I read somewhere in the forum that if you use “gains” instead of “if/elf ecc” you don’t need to add something else after

Yes, gains are super helpful but they have to be used with if/elif/else
For example
Let say your code is

“Outfit1” {
gain Outift1

} “Outfit2” {
gain Outfit2

} “Outfit3” {
gain Outfit3


Okay well then if you change the MC’s outfit due to a flashback, in this case, you add the following when you want to change back

if (Outfit1) {
@MC changes into Outfit1

} elif (Outfit2) {
@MC changes into Outfit2

} else {
@MC changes into Outfit3


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Thank you for you help!!


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