Change background from night to day

Can anyone help me with a day version of this background please?

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I can do it for you in photoshop or I can give you instructions on how to :blush:

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That would be great if you could do it for me! But would it possible for you to give me the instructions on how to do it too please? Just in case I get into this situation again.


That’s the correct background. I don’t know if you knew :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for that.

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Make sure to give credit to the right owner.

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Ways to turn night images to day images in photoshop

The easy way to convert in photoshop is in properties and color look up (if you have the layers panel open it’s that black and white circle)
Color look up has default color programming that can change the image

Go to 3DLUT files this is your default needed

The recommended ones for night are night to day or moonlight

This easily changes your images to night time and makes it look natural!

This also can help with lighting for foggy days of you use the foggy one!

A more controlled way if you don’t like is creating a new adjustment layer on your background and you can play around with curves, hue/saturation, filters and brightness (there’s more)

Using both of these you can create you desired night time effect in photoshop

I hope this helps! If you need any other photoshop help don’t be afraid to pm!


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