Change characters back to original hair and make up


Hey guys,

I just started to write and in my story I gave the readers the option to change there hairstyle and make up (not permanent). When I want to read my story from the beginning on my phone to check if everything is ok, my character has her original clothes back (because I put @JESS changes to JESS_delfault in the beginning) but the hair and make up changed. So I just want her to have her original hair and make up back if I read. My story from the beginning. I already tried the reset progression button.
Please help me :frowning: xxxx
Lots of love


What you need to do is code her back to her original hair and makeup. I can code it for you if you provide me her original hairdo and makeup :heart::heart:


Also, the phone previewer does that - it happens with me too


Auauauawww thank you for replying so fast :heart:
Her original hair is Beachy Waves (hair color doesn’t change) and her make up is Sable. Xxxxxx


This is just a glitch in on the app when you test your story. Anytime you change their appearance they stay like that. But don’t worry it’s not permanent and it doesn’t affect your story. It’s just when you test it.


Ah thanks, I noticed this in my own story whenever I test it as well!


In case you need it for the future!

@JESS changes hair into Beach Wave Hair
@JESS changes mouthColor into Sable