Change character's name during the story


Hey guys! I’m currently writing my first story and I have this huge question. :pensive: Let’s say I have this character named Lexa and I want her name to show up like that in the speech bubbles until the 3rd chapter and then switch to another name. Is that thing possible?


You’d have to make a duplicate character


I’ve thought of that… So there isn’t another way sigh Thank you! :yellow_heart:


No other secret way that I’ve heard of yet :sweat_smile:


Normally people make another character and change the looks and put new … or old…
whatever the name is…


Got it, thank you! :slight_smile:


Another way is this:
Pick a name.

choice (CHAR)
“Sarah” continue
“Ruby” continue

The reader will have to pick one of the names to continue along with that being CHAR’s name.

If you want them to only be able to pick one name:

Pick a name.

choice (CHAR)
“Sarah” continue


Hi. Look up.


That’s not exactly what I want. I already decided the character’s names and I want to change them without making it too obvious. It’s gonna be a plot twist and due to that, the name will change. I think I’m gonna create a duplicate character and go with that :confused: Thanks!