Change colour of background

Can someone please change the wall of the background and the floor below to cream and the railings of the stairs to white please?

I’d also like an overlay of the barricade at the top of the staircase (balcony) and the stairs railings!

Let me play around in my editor. :slight_smile: What do you mean by barricade? can you highlight/draw a circle around it on the image and re-upload so I can see exactly what parts you want overlays of (other than the rails). And do you want it a bright white or more like light- warm grey that’s almost white (but with a little warmth to the tone-- if that makes sense?)?

Thanks, and sure I will. I’ll also send a colour of what I want of the walls and floors since I cant quite explain it.

I dont mean to sound picky but I’d like the two pillars holding the candle to be made into one overlay ^^

Wall and brick area:


I just remembered the door and I think the door can be cream too.

Also its fine if u cant do everything!

Here’s so far. Do you want me to change the full rail to cream color or just the hand-touching part? (names of things are escaping me today lol)

It happens sometimes lol. The hand-touching part to white, please and thank you.

Also i just noticed it looked like night behind the red curtains so if you could do something about that too, that’d help :smile:

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Sure. :slight_smile: Give me a little and I’ll have it done :slight_smile:

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This is with the cream color you gave. I did the doors as well. Do you like them cream or would you prefer to leave them as they are (like the rest of the wood in the room?) ?

I changed up the saturation a little more in this image. Which do you prefer? I think this one adds a little more warmth to the white/cream colors as well as the wood tones like the stands and flooring :slight_smile: It’s not a hugely noticeable difference but all the same:

so many edits because I kept playing with the upper level saturation settings. lol

Thanks! I liked the first one better. Can I get the overlays? And is this the picture or are you about to send me one with it zoomed in?

This is the full image and overlays for the curved rail/top rail part, then the part near the bottom that curves as well so when characters walk down the stairs, the front of that rail part will be in front of them. :slight_smile:

Made a darker/night version to be used with “EFFECT DIM 60” overlay over the characters. hopefully it doesn’t make it too dark but if it does, I can* readjust. :slight_smile: Just figured it’d look weird to use the night version of the dark wood one for night scenes lol


Sorry, the grey around the preview images is from the canvas of my editor. I have it set to dark mode. lol

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! You’ve really helped me :smile: :smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: