Change eye colour?


How do you change the eye colour of a character temporarily for a fantasy story???


@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into (color)


I did that and it didn’t work? I will try again


Are you sure you changed it to the exact color?


Purple yeah


What’s the name of your character?




show the script


@ BLAISE changes eyesColor into Purple


Just to clarify on @Jadlyss’ point, make sure the colour is CAPITALIZED, otherwise it won’t work.


As well as the C in eyesColor! :heart:


Oh okay I will try that thank you!!


Its still not working? :sob: :sob: :sob:


Can I see your script?


Yep here it is from the beginning of the scene until her eye colour changes:
@transition fade in black
@BLAISE spot 1.280 257 88
@CALLUM spot 1.280 66 5
@CALLUM faces right
@BLAISE is think
@BLAISE is shocked
@BLAISE is idle_terrified
CALLUM (talk_think)
What’s wrong?
BLAISE (talk_afraid)
C…C…Callum…you won’t tell my Dad will you?
I know you’re probably wondering what I am on about right now well…
@zoom on 26 374 to 338% in 3
This is my Dad’s ‘normal’ best friend
I.E. his spy
Which means he will tell him where I am and I can’t have that.
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@CALLUM is laugh_chuckle
CALLUM (talk_bass)
Of course I will.
BLAISE (talk_arms_crossed_loop)
Well then you leave me no choice.
CALLUM (laugh_giggle)
You won’t use your powers on…
@zoom on 271 466 to 442% in 0
@BLAISE changes eyesColour into PURPLE


@BLAISE changes eyesColour into PURPLE
@BLAISE changes eyesColor into PURPLE

Take out the u in Colour!


Oh thats probably because in England we spell it with a u lol oops


Yeah, us Americans and our improper english :joy:!