Change hair back to original

Can somebody help me? The reader could customise this character in the beginning of my story but I changed the hair in one scene , and now I want to have the hair the reader picked in the beginning again in the next scene. How do I do that?

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You’ll have to have them re-select the hair. In the future, you could create a twin character that matches the character they create in every way except it has the hairstyle you want to use later. This way when you need to change their character’s hair, you can swap in the twin. The other option is to have them re-select their hairstyle as a remembered choice or gain after the CC is completed.

Thank youu, I’m going to do that🥰

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You can use
@CHARACTER preview hair X
To remove and make it return how the character customized:
@CHARACTER unpreview hair X


Ooo, I never knew that command existed.

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Can you only preview one thing at a time? For instance, hair color OR style? I’m trying to change both as though my character is wearing a wig, but whichever comes second seems to cancel out the first, so previewing a new style returns it to the original color, or vice versa.

Thank u❤️

@CHARACTER preview haircolor X and CHARACTER preview hair X

It doesn’t seem to like that. :sob:

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Wow this will come in handy for some scenes ! I like to have party scenes lol :joy::rofl::rofl:

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It doesn’t seem to work for me, It just say "@CHARACTER preview hair Medium Wavy Messy " is not a valid co… etc etc you know what I mean.
Does it work on limelight?

jk, I had to write “previewS”