Change hair, color, and eye color after customization?

Hi! In my script, you can customize your character, but not the hair or eye color (for later reasons). After, is a flashback to when you were younger and had a different hairstyle, hair color, and eye color. It codes correctly, but when I went back to the beginning in the customization, it changed it there too! I don’t have that snippet of code their too, so whats the problem? Please help!

Hmm, I’d suggest making a duplicate character so like this:

@LITTLE YOU changes hair into Hair
@LITTLE YOU changes hairColor into Color
@LITTLE YOU changes eyesColor into Color

Thread on it: Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters!
Google doc from Dara Amarie on it:

Also feel free to change LITTLE YOU 's display name to the same display name YOU has so both of them show the same name to the reader (name that is being displayed). Of course, you can’t replicate script names.

BTW this is an example but I hope it helps ^^

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