Change Of Heart Promotion

I did one for my other story Accidentally Engaged. But this is a different story with a completely different plot.

New Cover

Title Change Of Heart
Description After wrecking your car, your mom sends you to your dad’s farm as a punishment. How different will life be when you no longer have what you love…money?⁣

Thank you @Liz_Mar.episode for the description

Genre Romance
Style Limelight


  1. Is there customization?
    Yes there is a full cc.
  2. Art scenes?
    Yes there is and they are really cute.
  3. Release date?
    Does not have one at the moment hopefully soon.

Sounds interesting! Will read it after class :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course no problem!
I need to read it!!

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Let me know when u publish & I’ll read (:

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Absolutely loving the cover :heart_eyes:, let me know when your story is out I’d love to read it. :yay:

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