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Hey y’all. I’m real close to publishing a new story and I had a question for everyone about something I was wanting to do. Do you guys like it when it’s been the main character’s view through most of the story and then it suddenly changes to a perspective of another person? I always thought it was odd but I see it a lot.

Let me know your opinions!!


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Honestly, that decision is up to you ) A writer can come up with any story they like and add interesting characters, as well as ideas to the mix. Remember, it is your story, not someone else’s, so if you want to do that, by all means go ahead! It’s great to get feedback, but don’t forget that you are not aiming to do whatever your readers desire, you are aiming to write a story that is close at your heart, you planned it and it’s something that you want to do; your readers will enjoy what you write and appreciate your creativity; ignore the haters! It’s like the “should I do CC or not?” question; you, as a writer, make that decision. I am sorry if what I say is rude, I like to speak my mind a lot which can be very bad in certain situations😂

It depends on the story =). You should do whatever you think is best for your story!
I don’t think it’s weird, but it can be confusing if an author doesn’t make it clear whose perspective you’re reading.
I have one story which switches frequently between the perspective of a mother and daughter. You play as both characters and you earn points as both characters. I personally think that having the two viewpoints works well for that story and I have had a lot of people send fanmail that they enjoyed playing as both characters.

If it’s kind of randomly out of nowhere, I find it odd too. But if it works with your story, go for it

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In my story, there are certain scenes where you can choose who to play as. So I think it’s a great idea.

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