Change outfit in between a choice!

I need someone’s help!

I made a choice for changing an outfit. After this choice the story continues. But after, like 300 lines, the character will have a dream/fantasy. For this fantasy I need another outfit. After the imagination, the story continues with the outfit the reader choose earlier.

Because if I continue the story, I need an outfit change again! But it will be strange if the reader has to choose again! I simply need the same outfit, without a choice.

It is possible to change the outfit in between?

I hope someone can help me!

x CJM x

When you make the outfit you also need to use the gain command. Your script should look something like this:

Then you’ll need to use the if/elif/else command.
Put the name of the flag (Gain) in the condition spot and then make the character change outfit.

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@CJM check this template :wink:

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Amazing Apes! Thanks

Thank you Lelsaac!!!

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