Change scene to a flashback after reader changes MC's hairstyle and lip color

Hi Title says it all really but just to add that the hair and lips were the customisation template not a choice of say 3 assets.

you have to name a choice to remember it and then use if/elif/else but if you were using dara amaries template then she’ll have the template for remembering that choice :hugs:
if you need any help feel free to pm me

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Hi there are several ways how to do it

  1. create for the flashback a duplicate
    Change the display name of the duplicate to the same as your character and change what you want to change.
    The CHARACTER will be used for normal scenes and the duplicatefor the flashback

  2. use previews unpreviews command

Previeěws allows you to change things temporarily - they last till you give command unpreview or max till the end of the episode - so they are not ideal in case you need the change to last longer than one episode (or you have to repeat the command in new episode)

The commands - coppied form @Dara.Amarie web:

@CHARACTER previews outfit outfit_name

@CHARACTER unpreviews outfit outfit_name

@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Shape

@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes eyes into Shape

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color

@CHARACTER changes face into Shape

@CHARACTER changes nose into Shape

@CHARACTER changes mouth into Shape

@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color

@CHARACTER previews feature Color/Shape/Hairstyle

@CHARACTER unpreviews feature Color/Shape/Hairstyle

  1. use some method of remembering readers choice

But this is usualy not practical for CC type of choices since there are simply too many of them.

Oh I like these ideas, thank you so much @Farah_DeSantis

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I didn’t know preview is only until the end of the episode :see_no_evil:

:smiley: yeah I even I know it forgot about it and then I had to do the stupid thing to ask the reader what he had on in the previous scene :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: because I didn’t want to change the last published chapter to make them reread, :triumph:

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I love reading your responses. I always learn something new😉