Change STYLES midway through story?


Hi all. Straight to the point, I’ve noticed other stories where the STYLE changes mid way through the story, for example normal to spotlight and was wondering how to do that.



I was wondering this too. :frowning:


Choose cinematic at the beginning.

Then to change to spotlight use:

set format spotlight

To change back to cinematic:

set format cinematic

I think this is how you do it. Check out the Episode portal guides - it has a section on Spotlight format which should mention this.

NOTE: You can only do this if you start your story in cinematic.

~ Winter xx


Alright cheers!



No problem. :slight_smile:


I accidently chose spotlight without realising and I made all my characters and began writing the story, do I have to write my story all over again?


Yes, you will unfortunately have to make a new story and choose the correct format you want. :slight_smile:


Thank you :tired_face: :joy:


You’re welcome. Good luck on your story! :grin: