CHange the 24 hours user lock down

Don’t you hate when they have the user 24 hours lock down its very anoying please change it maybe to 2 hours or 1 or 30 minutes If your support this like it

its when you can’t reply for 24 hours

@Jeremy @Liz @Ryan


its when you can’t reply until 24 hours

She is talking about the new user lock down…

If you are a new user as in your very first day on the forums.
You get a limited amount of replies to post…
And after that amount is reached your account goes into a lock down mode for the next 24 hours.


like the button / press the like button

I think it’s to keep new accounts from making threads/post and spamming.


The lock down makes sense. It prevents spamming


Stopping those spam bots… @linalilly10. New users wont mind… its a 1 time thing, right? I remember my first day. haha I was on a roll, and then that lockdown set in, haha. But I got over it. Lol


@Ryan please close this

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i agree with the users above, it might be kind of annoying but it is really beneficial… it stops spam bots. i think new users can wait a day.

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Yes, the lockdown is needed. Have you been on the old forum? Hundreds of spam messages every day! :expressionless: So I love the new lockdown feature!