Changes in episode

Hey guys, although I have playing episode for a long time, I am new in fan community. But I didn’t play episode since summer and recently I started use app again. Then, I realized recommendation parts of all categories became limited. Also, couple of my stories were missing. When I searched about this, I found episode made some arrangement in app. But there were no certain information about that. That’s why I did’nt understand what happened clearly. So is it possible to you tell me what’s going on? Also some authors mention about mature version of app, do you have any information about that?

They recently updated content guidelines, so some stories got removed. Many others are currently being reviewed, so Episode is keeping the recommendations limited until they review everything.


I understand, now, Thank you so much:smiley:

I guess, it is not release in play store yet, is it?

I think it’s still in some kind of beta testing, so it’s available only in some countries

Oh I got it. Thank you so much.