Changing a character back to plus size?

Is there anyway to change a character back to their original plus size after you use the command:

In the beginning, I added the @CHARACTER becomes MC code but then later on I removed it. But, now it’s still showing this:

The woman in the first row with orange hair (this is what I see on the App):

She’s supposed to look like this (this is what I see in the previewer):

I’m unable to reset the story progress because of a glitch. It closes the app whenever I press “reset story progress” so I don’t know if she’s actually plus size in the App once everything’s reset. All I can do is restart the episode. If not, is there a code I can use to change her back to plus size?

In the app, once you change a character’s appearance, they stay that way the entire time and hitting “reset story progress” doesn’t change them back. But it’s only an issue you as the author sees, it’s just an app previewer thing and doesn’t actually affect your story. What you see in the web previewer is the correct version. If it really bothers you and you like the app better, then you can just create a duplicate plus size character, make your MC becomes that character, play through that “becomes” command once when testing in the app and then your character will be back to plus size. You can remove the “becomes” command once you tested through it in the app.

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Thank you, Dara! I was so worried that that’s what everyone would see and I wasn’t sure how to change it back! I think for my peace of mind I’ll create a duplicate and then remove it after testing the code.

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