Changing Appearance

Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me how to change my character mouth shape during an episode temporarily ? I know how to do it for ink but does anyone know for limelight ?

I would really appreciate it !

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You would do it the same way as limelight

Yeah I thought that and tried but it just says that it’s not a valid command ? Maybe I have the coding completely wrong ? :joy:

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Do you know what it is for Ink?

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@CHAR changes lips to Lipshape

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I tried it’s still not working :frowning_face:

But thank you anyways!

no problem!

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More info here:

Source: HOW TO: Customize Characters

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@YOU previews mouth pick a mouth shape for Limelight that exists

Then when you don’t need it in the episode anymore, you can un-preview it.


@JEM previews mouth Medium Heart Natural

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OMG thank you it works !!! you are the best :grin:

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