Changing back outfits?

Hi! I’m fairly new to episode. But I’m determined to make my story as good as possible.
So my problem is :
I made outfit options for a “party”, then it goes to a flashback where the main character change outfit to something else, that i chose. But when It goes back to the present I can’t make it work with the outfits…
I use if/elif/else but it just always, for what ever reason chooses the “else” option.
I’ve previewed on the computer and my Ipad, but no difference.
Would be soooo greatfull if anyone could help me! thx


I answered this question a couple days ago! This should help.

Thank you so much! I hstly didnt think anyone would respond lol.

ofc! Dang it, it so simple should have done it from the start. thank you so much.

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