Changing brand names

How much should I change a brands’ name? Is it okay to say “I will be working for Notflix” , or ZapFlix, FletNix, idk… We’re having a good laugh at my house thinking of crazy abbreviations but it’s not used as a joke in my story, my character is saying something serious about it. Or should I just say she’ll be working for a television network?
Any ideas? TIA! :heart:


I’ve seen some stories doing that so I guess it’s fine

Sure you should do it!

Ahaha I always do that.

Here are some examples:

Jimmy Choos to Kimmy Boos.

Netflix to Epiflix.

Spoonerisms are great fun

Like = Tom Cruise to Com Truise


Marks & Spencer to Sparks & Mencer.

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I love that but it makes me laugh!!! Okay maybe I should stop trying to be serious. Epiflix is nice but sort of breaks the fourth wall?


I think it is fine if it breaks the fourth wall tbh - if it is a passing remark or a quick comment it is fine.

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I just use “Epi” and replace the first few letters of a brand lol.

For example:

  • EpiDonald
  • EpiSoda

Or just change the brand slightly like-
Gucci to Poochi or something like that.
As long as you don’t- y’know. Use the original brand’s name, then you should be fine.