Changing character names conditionally, without reader choice

I’m letting my readers choose a name for CHARACTER A in my story - that’s fine and easy.

However, CHARACTER A gets older in the story, and so I have an entirely separate CHARACTER B for him, since the story skips back and forth in time and I don’t want to constantly changes facial features, etc.

How do I make CHARACTER B’s name the same as CHARACTER A in the script, without bringing the reader into it at all? I can’t find code just a name change, with no choice/input involved.


I think if you type (NAME) or whatever for that character as well, it should work? Idk you can try it

Honestly I’ve been struggling with the same issue. I simply don’t know how to use the same name for 2 characters, but I recommend you to name CHARACTER B “YOU”?

Won’t that cause issues with the speech bubbles, though?


You can have the same display name for multiple characters, so if you just make it NAME or whataver it should work for both characters :slight_smile:

I don’t think so

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Doesn’t it show an error when you use the same name for 2 characters?

There’s a difference between script name and display name.
Script name is the name you use for coding the character.
Display name is the one you see above the speechbubble. It can be changed to whatever you want, for example ‘MC’ if you let the reader choose their name.
Having two same script names would cause issues - yes, but not display names.

Hope this explains it :slight_smile:

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Omg that’s so smart!

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Okay, yeah, that worked. Thanks.


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