Changing Characters hairstyle

I have seen some stories where Characters have a different hairstyle without me having to custommize it… Or when the MC is showering and comes out with wavy hair or whatever. How do people code this?

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They might be using the previews command which is only temporary and once removed, allows whatever feature was selected to be displayed instead.

These are the commands:

@CHAR previews hair Hair Name Here
@CHAR unpreviews hair Hair Name Here

Just keep in mind that a preview does not transfer to the next episode, so if you still want the character having a certain hairstyle before changing back, you’ll need to add it to the beginning of the next chapter as well. (:


Thank you so much!!

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You’re most welcome!

You can do it with anything really - features, outfits, colors, just remember to write “outfit”, “hairColor”, “eyesColor” or whatever you’d like to change before the actual name of the feature/color/outfit.


This is very informative as well if you’re just beginning to use the previews/unpreviews command

This entire time I thought it was using “changes into” and then you write what they change and then change back to their original look, like this perhaps:

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into etc. etc.

I never knew or heard about the preview/unpreview command. Is there a difference? Or is the preview command just the correct one to use when coding?

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So, the “changes” command is the ‘standard command’ or more permanent command if you will and that’s the one that’s used when people customize a character in a story.

The preview command acts more as a temporary change since it doesn’t transfer to the next episode (you’d need to code the preview again if you want it to appear in the next chapter), and it’s especially handy for customizable characters because you can preview a certain feature or color and then unpreview it so it goes back to whatever the reader chose with the “changes” command without needing branching.

It comes in handy for outfits too. Authors can have the changes into command for outfits they want the reader to choose and then they can preview an outfit they need for a particular scene, unpreview it when they don’t need it anymore and it will go back to whatever outfit the reader chose with the changes into command.

In short:
changes = permanent until next change command, automatically transfers to next episode

previews = temporary, does not transfer to next episode, is no longer displayed once unpreviews command is written (in which the last feature/outfit/color of the changes command would be displayed instead)

I hope I explained it well enough… :new_moon_with_face: since explaining isn’t a strong suit of mine rip. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ahh so I understand now, and I think I was using the “changes ______ into” command the way the preview and unpreview command is used.

Nah, you’re good :joy: I understood well, thank you!!

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