Changing character's hairstyles in the story

I may sound stupid asking this, but i was wondering how you code in the changing of a character’s hairstyle? For example going from it being down to being put up etc…
I am still getting used to the writing scripts and coding stuff on here as i’ve used my phone to write my other stories so far due to me not being great with this stuff haha.
I watched the video on how to do it but it didn’t really make much sense to me, so if someone could tell me simply how to do it that would be great. Thank you in advance my lovelies.
Cheyara x

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@CHARACTER changes hair into [whichever style you want them to have]

Thank you :slight_smile: x

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@CHARACTER changes hair into (hairstyle)

Make sure each beginning letter of the hairstyle is capitalised.


@CHARACTER changes hair into Fishtail Braid