Changing characters looks and things are not flowing right

When I finish changing my 3rd character on the phone app it takes me back to them but the 2nd character is there behind them and is actually the one getting changed. I’m confused on how this is happening. It also happens with my 4th and so on characters.

Is this happening during the customisation? Or during the script you’ve put on here?
You need to use different labels for each character that’s being customised if you’re not already.
At the start of each customisation put —
@remove (characters name)
That might help.

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Yes it’s happening during my play through. When I’m changing the next character. So how it’s written on my first post is how I have it on mine. Okay so I have to remove the other character before I bring the other person in?

Okay so that worked with them popping up behind them but once I change their looks it goes back to the first persons loop. So I have to go through all of them before I can get to the next character. They are all changed but it’s annoying to have to go through them all again. Definitely something with my coding again.

do you have warning about duplicate labels?

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Yes if I put: label changing_appearance
Before the other NARRATOR (AHTENA) dialog it says warning :frowning:

Even if I out it after all of that it says Warning about duplicate label.

You need to change your label names. You can’t use the same label name more than once in episode.

You’re using Dara’s templates? She has 6 templates for each gender. You need to make sure for each character you have a separate one.

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I’m just using a template I found a link to on youtube. haha

An I just kept copying it over and over again.
So if I use a label I just say lable_changing_lance and that would make it a new one?

You keep saving me! Thank you!

It won’t, unless you change this label everywhere in customisation for character :grin:
I would just deleted these and use Dara’s :blush:

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Thank you! That is tons of stuff!!!

I’ll just let them customize in chapter 4 so I don’t run out of room.

wait :thinking: are you using character avatar for every customisation?

That’s how I saw it done on youtube. I don’t need to. It was just how it was shown on the video. An the template link also had it on there.

You can of curse use this method :slight_smile: but I don’t think it’s been updated with new hairstyles and rest new stuff.

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No it hasn’t it just looked really easy. I’m not sure why they have that there but I went with it. haha


label changing_appearance

and every goto changing_appearance

Let me know if this work :smiley:

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I would but I already deleted it :joy:
If I ever do that again though I’ll let you know.

After I finish this choice dialogue I’ll try out that template you sent me. :blob_hearts:

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Thank you so much for the template! Worked amazing.:relieved:

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