Changing clothes/hair in between scenes?

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I am creating my very first story and I find that I am stuck on how to change clothing and hair in between scenes.

I am aware of @CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT before the background is put in but what if I am wanting to change back to what the reader decided to pick as an outfit in the beginning?
(sorry if the way I am wording this is confusing)

I can’t put @CHARACTER changes into default bc it wouldn’t be what the reader chose initially.

With hair, I’m finding that if I input @CHARCTER changes hair into _________ , it keeps that hair for every single scene.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you♡

Can read over:

The previews command is good to know because you can make your character preview an outfit and then unpreview it later, changing back into what they wore originally. Good for cc features like hair too.

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You allowed the reader to choose outfit by choice

So by letting the reader choose an outfit, I won’t be able to change the outfit in other scenes?

For example;

If I wanted to have a flashback scene and not have the character wearing the outfit she is currently wearing.

Omg! Thank you so much. This was beyond helpful. I’m sure I could of found your post if I looked harder but thank you for taking the time to help me haha♡

No problem :sunny:

Another method you could use, especially if outfit change carries over into another episode: create a duplicate with the exact same display name (name shown to reader), have the duplicate become the MC using the becomes command (so exact look-a-likes with one line of code) and change outfits for the duplicate while leaving MC alone and having MC keep her appearance.

Helpful links:

Or the old-fashioned ways: you can remember the outfit/hair change: //

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