Changing clothes question

I know ho to change a character in an episode from clothes


Now i did that but every time i reopen my episode he is back in his defauld clothers.

So do i have to copy @CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_FANCY in evert scene i want him to use it?
until i put him back in default?

Character when you don’t change it it’s starting off in default clothes. Once you change the clothes it will stay in these clothes until you change it again or give a dressing game.

The default clothes are there just because you’re jumping from scene to scene, or when you’re opening a new episode on the web preview, use app and reset your story progress if you want to see if everything working properly.

ok i will look at it. thanks

But let’s say I wrote @Character changes into Bell_OUTFIT_2
The character doesn’t change into that specific outfit.
But before this, the characters clothes use change into the outfit I wanted. But than now it doesn’t change, so could you tell/help me to figure what’s going on?

Are you sure it’s not misspelled?