Changing Clothes


Hello, I’m very confused and I don’t know what I did wrong, so if someone could help me, thanks!

I’m new and I’m trying to figure everything thing out but this is really hard so yeah.


You can’t exit to another place on the screen. You have to put something like @CHARACTER exits right/left


When I changed it, the errors thing said “Unexpected sequence: You cannot use a director command (starting with @) here.”

Afsjkld I still don’t get this


Try adding a goto after the choice yes. Like this:

“Yes” {
blah blah blah
goto end
Blah blah blah
goto 1_dressinggame
label end
@CHARACTER exits right/left


this happened


Remove this bracket (bolded) from your script

goto end


When I did that, the error thing said
Unexpected LABEL: end


You have to have something after the label a dialogue, command or else.


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